the jib arm with the dolly moves
Straight Shoot'r Cranes, Inc.



A 3-Dimensional Motion Picture
Camera Movement System

Daily, Weekly, and Long Term Rentals
PH: (818) 609-8310

The Jib-Arm with the dolly movesTM

The Straight Shoot'r enhances professional motion picture story-telling by providing 
3-dimensional camera movement.

From 3-D cameras
 to the RED ONETM 
to the Canon 7D
- and beyond - 
this unique one-piece jib-arm
gives you: 

  • instant composition
  • finger-tip dolly moves
  • floating steadicam moves
  • and everything in-between

The Straight Shoot'r
is a silky-smooth, one-piece, X & Y-axis Jib-Arm combined with a unique Z-axis linear "slider"
gliding camera mount: 

Underslung camera mount position
Camera mount can also be top-mounted in seconds (below)

The Straight Shoot'r is widely used 
in feature film and episodic TV production as well as 1000's of independent commercials, music videos, industrials and student films.

The Straight Shoot'r is available for rent across the USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

The Straight Shoot’r

3-Axis Jib-Arm
Is Now Available In TWO Sizes!
1) Standard: 9 ft-10 in
2) Mini-Me: 6 ft-10 in

New Mini-Me!

This unique combination of
a rock-solid jib arm with
a proprietary
linear Z-axis gliding camera mount
offers you:

- Effortless, finger-tip, floating steadycam-like moves

- Straight-line dolly moves

- Boom moves with no arc

- And everything in between

No mechanically-induced motion or unbalancing.

Whether you're shooting film, digital or tape, your moves are limited only by your imagination.

Call or email for rental information:

Tel: (818) 609-8310
 Fax: (818) 609-8311
18434 Oxnard St., Unit H
Tarzana, CA 91356 


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