the jib arm with the dolly moves
Straight Shoot'r Cranes, Inc.



A 3-Dimensional Motion Picture
Camera Movement System

Daily, Weekly, and Long Term Rentals
PH: (818) 609-8310

The Jib-Arm with the dolly movesTM

Contact info:
18434 Oxnard St., Unit H
Tarzana, CA 91356
Tel: (818) 609-8310
 Fax: (818) 609-8311 

The Straight Shoot'r is a 
silky-smooth X&Y-axis
Jib-Arm combined with a
proprietary Z-axis linear "slider"
gliding camera mount and is available for rent across the 
USA, Canada and Europe.

From the largest 3-D cameras
 to the RED ONETM 
to the Canon 7D
and beyond
this unique one-piece jib-arm
gives you:

- effortless finger-tip dolly moves
 - floating steadicam moves
- & everything in-between.

The Straight Shoot’r
3-Axis Jib-Arm
Is Now Available In TWO Sizes!
1) Standard: 9 ft-10 in
2) Mini-Me: 6 ft-10 in

18434 Oxnard St., Unit H, Tarzana, CA 91356
Tel: (818) 609-8310 - Fax: (818) 609-8311




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